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Switchgear and Protection pdf Notes SGP – SGP pdf Notes

Switchgear and Protection pdf Notes

Switchgear and Protection pdf Notes – SGP pdf Notes – SGP Notes

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UNIT – I Circuit Breakers-1

  • Circuit Breakers: Elementary principles of arc interruption, Recovery, Restriking Voltage and Recovery voltages.-
  • Restriking Phenomenon, Average and Max. RRRV, Numerical Problems – Current Chopping and Resistance Switching – CB ratings and Specifications : Types and Numerical Problems. – Auto reclosures

UNIT – II Circuit Breakers-2

  • Description and Operation of following types of circuit breakers: Minimum Oil Circuit breakers, Air Blast Circuit Breakers, Vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers.

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UNIT – III Electromagnetic and Static Relays

  • Principle of Operation and Construction of Attracted armature, Balanced Beam, induction Disc and Induction Cup relays. Relays Classification: Instantaneous, DMT and IDMT types.
  • Application of relays: Over current/ Under voltage relays, Direction relays, Differential Relays and Percentage Differential Relays. Universal torque equation, Distance relays: Impedance,
  • Reactance and Mho and Off-Set Mho relays, Characteristics of Distance Relays and Comparison. Static Relays: Static Relays verses Electromagnetic Relays

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UNIT – IV Generator Protection

  • Protection of generators against Stator faults, Rotor faults, and Abnormal Conditions. Restricted Earth fault and Inter-turn fault Protection. Numerical Problems on % Winding Unprotected.

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UNIT – V Transformer Protection

  • Protection of transformers: Percentage Differential Protection, Numerical Problem on Design of CT s Ratio, Buchholtz relay Protection.

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UNIT – VI Feeder and Bus-Bar Protection

  • Protection of Lines: Over Current, Carrier Current and Three-zone distance relay protection using Impedance relays. Translay Relay. Protection of Bus bars – Differential protection.

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UNIT – VII Neutral Grounding

  • Grounded and Ungrounded Neutral Systems.- Effects of Ungrounded Neutral on system performance. Methods of Neutral Grounding: Solid, Resistance, Reactance – Arcing Grounds and Grounding Practices.

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UNIT – VIII Protection against over voltages

  • Generation of Over Voltages in Power Systems.-Protection against Lightning Over Voltages – Valve type and Zinc-Oxide Lighting Arresters – Insulation Coordination -BIL, Impulse Ratio, Standard Impulse Test Wave, Volt-Time Characteristics.

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TEXT BOOKS: Switchgear and Protection Notes – SGP Notes – SGP Pdf Notes

  1. Switchgear and Protection – by Sunil S Rao, Khanna Publlishers
  2. Power System Protection and Switchgear by Badari Ram , D.N Viswakarma, TMH Publications

REFERENCE BOOKS: Switchgear and Protection Notes – SGP Notes – SGP Pdf Notes

  1. Fundamentals of Power System Protection by Paithankar and S.R.Bhide.,PHI, 2003
  2. Art & Science of Protective Relaying – by C R Mason, Wiley Eastern Ltd.
  3. Electrical Power Systems – by C.L.Wadhwa, New Age international (P) Limited, Publishers, 3nd editon
  4. A Text book on Power System Engineering by B.L.Soni, Gupta, Bhatnagar, Chakrabarthy, Dhanpat Rai & Co.

Note :- These notes are according to the r09 Syllabus book of JNTUH.In R13 ,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in r13 syllabus.Click here to check all the JNTU Syllabus books 

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