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Principles of Programming Languages pdf Notes PPL – pdf Notes

Principles of Programming Languages pdf Notes

Principles of Programming Languages pdf Notes – PPL pdf Notes – PPL Notes

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  • Preliminary Concepts: Reasons for studying, concepts of programming languages, Programming domains, Language Evaluation Criteria, influences on Language design,
  • Language categories, Programming Paradigms – Imperative, Object Oriented, functional Programming , Logic Programming. Programming Language Implementation – Compilation and Virtual Machines, programming environments.

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Lecturer Notes – Unit 1


  • Syntax and Semantics: general Problem of describing Syntax and Semantics, formal methods of describing syntax – BNF,
  • EBNF for common programming languages features, parse trees, ambiguous grammars, attribute grammars, denotational semantics and axiomatic semantics for common programming language features.

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Lecturer Notes –Unit 2


  • Data types: Introduction, primitive, character, user defined, array, associative, record, union, pointer and reference types,
  • Design and implementation uses related to these types. Names, Variable, concept of binding, type checking, strong typing, type compatibility, named constants, variable initialization.

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Lecturer Notes –Unit 3


  • Expressions and Statements: Arithmetic relational and Boolean expressions, Short circuit evaluation mixed mode assignment,
  • Assignment Statements, Control Structures – Statement Level, Compound Statements, Selection, Iteration, Unconditional Statements, guarded commands.

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Lecturer Notes – Unit 4


  • Subprograms and Blocks: Fundamentals of sub-programs, Scope and lifetime of variable, static and dynamic scope,
  • Design issues of subprograms and operations, local referencing environments, parameter passing methods, overloaded sub-programs, generic sub-programs,
  • parameters that are sub-program names, design issues for functions user defined overloaded operators, co routines.

Lecturer Notes – Unit 5


  • Abstract Data types: Abstractions and encapsulation, introductions to data abstraction, design issues, language examples,
  • C++ parameterized ADT, object oriented programming in small talk, C++, Java, C#, Ada 95

Concurrency: Subprogram level concurrency, semaphores, monitors, massage passing, Java threads, C# threads.

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Lecturer Notes –Unit 6


  • Exception handling : Exceptions, exception Propagation, Exception handler in Ada, C++ and Java.Logic Programming Language
  • Introduction and overview of logic programming, basic elements of prolog, application of logic programming.

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Lecturer Notes –Unit 7


  • Functional Programming Languages: Introduction, fundamentals of FPL, LISP, ML, Haskell, application of Functional Programming Languages and comparison of functional and imperative Languages.
  • Scripting Language:Pragmatics, Key Concepts, Case Study: Python – values and types, variables, storage and control , Bindings and Scope ,
  • Procedural Abstraction, Data Abstraction, Seperate Compilation, Module Library.

Download PPL Unit – 8

Lecturer Notes –Unit 8

TEXT BOOKS : Principles of Programming Languages Notes – PPL Notes – PPL Pd Notes

  1. Concepts of Programming Languages Robert .W. Sebesta 6/e, Pearson Education.
  2. Programming Languages –Louden, Second Edition, Thomson.

REFERENCES : Principles of Programming Languages Notes – PPL Notes – PPL Pd Notes

  1. Programming languages –Ghezzi, 3/e, John Wiley
  2. Programming Languages Design and Implementation – Pratt and Zelkowitz, Fourth Edition PHI/Pearson Education
  3. Programming languages –Watt, Wiley Dreamtech
  4. LISP Patric Henry Winston and Paul Horn Pearson Education.
  5. Programming in PROLOG Clocksin, Springer


Note :- These notes are according to the r09 Syllabus book of JNTUH.In R13 ,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in r13 syllabus.Click here to check all the JNTU Syllabus books 

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