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Operating Systems pdf Notes OS – pdf Notes

Operating Systems pdf Notes OS – pdf Notes

Operating Systems pdf Notes – OS Notes – OS pdf Notes

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Unit2-OS : Process Concept
• An operating system executes a variety of programs:
• Batch system – jobs
• Time-shared systems – user programs or tasks
• Textbook uses the terms job and process almost interchangeably
Process – a program in execution; process execution must progress in sequential fashion
A process includes:
• program counter
• stack
• data section , etc……

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Unit3-OS :- Process Synchronization
• To introduce the critical-section problem, whose solutions can be used to ensure the consistency of shared data
• To present both software and hardware solutions of the critical-section problem
• To introduce the concept of an atomic transaction and describe mechanisms to ensure atomicity
• Concurrent access to shared data may result in data inconsistency
• Maintaining data consistency requires mechanisms to ensure the orderly execution of cooperating processes
• Suppose that we wanted to provide a solution to the consumer-producer problem that fills all the buffers. We can do so by having an integer count that keeps track of the number of full buffers. Initially, count is set to 0. It is incremented by the producer after it produces a new buffer and is decremented by the consumer after it consumes a buffer..etc……..,

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Unit4-OS : Memory Management
• To provide a detailed description of various ways of organizing memory hardware
• To discuss various memory-management techniques, including paging and segmentation
• To provide a detailed description of the Intel Pentium, which supports both pure segmentation and segmentation with paging
• Program must be brought (from disk) into memory and placed within a process for it to be run
• Main memory and registers are only storage CPU can access directly
• Register access in one CPU clock (or less)
• Main memory can take many cycles
• Cache sits between main memory and CPU registers
• Protection of memory required to ensure correct operation…etc..,,,,

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Unit5-OS  : Principles of Deadlock..etc..,

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Unit6-OS : File System Interface and Implementation
The Concept of a File:
binary Program File Structure None – sequence of words, bytes4character 4numeric 4Contiguous logical address spacenTypes: Data
• Simple record structure
• Lines
• Fixed length
• Variable length
• Complex Structures
• Formatted document
• Relocatable load file
Can simulate last two with first method by inserting appropriate control characters Who decides:
• Operating system
• Program…etc…,

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Unit7-OS : Mass-Storage Systems
Overview of Mass Storage Structure…etc…,,,

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Unit8-OS : Protection and Security
Principles of Protection…etc..,,,,,

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TEXT BOOKS : Operating Systems Notes – OS Notes – OS Pdf notes
1. Operating System Concepts- Abraham Silberchatz, Peter B. Galvin, Greg Gagne 7th Edition, John Wiley.

2.Operating systems- A Concept based Approach-D.M.Dhamdhere, 2nd Edition, TMH

REFERENCES : Operating Systems Notes – OS Notes – OS Pdf notes

  • Operating Systems’ – Internal and Design Principles Stallings, Fifth Edition–2005, Pearson education/PHI
  • Operating System A Design Approach-Crowley, TMH.
  • Modern Operating Systems, Andrew S Tanenbaum 2nd edition Pearson/PHI.

Note :- These notes are according to the r09 Syllabus book of JNTUH.In R13 ,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in r13 syllabus.Click here to check all the JNTU Syllabus books 

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