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MBA Principles & Practices of Banking(PPB) Notes

MBA Principles & Practices of Banking(PPB) Notes – PPB Notes of Total Modules

MBA Principles & Practices of Banking(PPB) Notes

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Module – 1

Banking system and structure in India,Evolution of Indian Banks-Types of banks,Public Sector, Regional Banks, Performance of Public Sector banks, Private Sector Banks.Commercial banking: Structure, Functions – Primary & secondary function, Role of commercial banks in socio -economic development, Services rendered. Credit creation and Deployment of Funds.Role of Reserve Bank and GOI as regulator of banking system – Provisions of Banking Regulation Act & Reserve Bank of India Act.

Module – 2

Banker and customer,Types of relationship between banker and customer,Bankers obligations to customers,Right of lean, setoff, appropriation,Bankers legal duty of disclosure and related matters Customers accounts with banks,Opening,operation – KYC norms and operation,Types of accounts and customers,Nomination,Settlement of death claims.

Module – 3

The Negotiable Instruments Act 1881-Features of Negotiable instruments,Important concepts and explanations under the Negotiable Instruments Act,The Paying Banker- Dishonour of cheques,Negotiation,Endorsement,The Collecting Banker,Negligence,Bills of exchange and promissory note,Discharge of Negotiable instruments,Hundis.

Module – 4

Banking Technology,Concept of Universal Banking,Home banking,ATMs,Internet banking,Mobile banking,Core banking solutions,Debit, Credit, and Smart cards,Electronic Payment Systems-MICR,Cheque Truncation-ECS- EFT – NEFT-RTGS.

Module – 5

International banking–International Banking: Exchange rates and Forex Business,Correspondent banking and NRI Accounts, Letters of Credit, Foreign currency Loans, Facilities for Exporters and Importers, Role of ECGC, RBI and EXIM Bank.

Module – 6

Banker as lender-Types of loans,Overdraft facilities,Discounting of bills,Financing book Debts and supply bills,Charging of Security bills,pledge ,mortgage – assignment.

Module – 7

Asset Liability Management (ALM) in banks: Components of Liabilities and Components of Assets, Significance of Asset Liability management, Purpose and objectives. Prerequisites for ALM, Assets and Liabilities Committee (ALCO) – Activities of ALCO.

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