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Linux Programming pdf Notes LP – LP pdf Notes


Linux Programming pdf Notes – LP Notes – LP pdf Notes

Linux Programming pdf Notes – LP Notes – LP pdf Notes

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  • Linux Utililies File handling utilities. Security by file pemtissions. Process utilities. Disk utilities. Networking commands. Filters.
  • Text processing utilities and Backup utilities. sod – scripts. operation, atldresses, commands. applications. awk – execution. fields and records. scripts, operation. patterns. actions. functions. using system commands in awk.


  • Working with the Bourne again shell(bash): Introduction, shell responsibilities. pipes and input Redirection. output redirection. here documents. running a shell script. the shell as a programming language.
  • shell meta characters. file name substitution. shell variables, command substitution, shell commands. the environment. quoting. test command. control structures. arithmetic in shell, shell script examples. interrupt processing. functions. debugging shell scripts.


  • Files: File Concept, File System structures. lnodes. File Attributes. File types. Library functions.the standard I/0 and formatted I/O in C, stream errors. kernel support for files. System calls. file descriptors. low level tile access —
  • File structure related system calls(File APIs), file and record locking, file and directory management – Directory tile APIs, Symbolic links & hard links.


  • Process – Process concept, Kernel support for process. process attributes, process control – process creation, waiting for a process, process termination. zombie process. orphan process.
  • Process APts. SignaLs- lntroduction to signals. Signal generation and handling. Kernel support for signals, Signal function, unreliable signals. reliable signals. kill. raise . alarm. pause. abort. sleep functions.


  • lnter process Communication : Introduction to IPC. Pipes. FlFOs. Introduction to three types of IPC-message queues, semaphores and shared memory.
  • Message Queues- Kernel support for messages. Unix system V APls for messages. client/server example.


  • Semaphores-Kernel support for semaphores. Unix system V APls for semaphores. Shared Mernory- Kernel support for shared memory,
  • Unix system V APIs for shared memory. semaphore and shared memory example.


  • Multithreaded Programming: Differences between threads and processes. Thread structure and uses, Threads and lightweigtht Processes,
  • POSIX Thread APIs. Creating Threads. Thread Attributes. Thread Synchronization with semaphores and with Mutexes. Example programs.


  • Sockets: Introduction to Sockets, Socket Addresses, Socket system calls for connection oriented protocol and connectionless protocol, example- client/server programs.

TEXT BOOKS: Linux Programming Notes – LP Notes – LP Pdf Notes
l.Unix System Programming using C++,T.Chan, PHI.(UNlT III to UNIT VIII)
2. Unix Concepts and Applications. 4th Edition. Sumitahha Das. TMH
3. Beginning Linux Programming. 4th Edition. N.Matthew, R.8tones,Wrox, Wiley India Edition.

REFERENCE BOOKS: Linux Programming Notes – LP Notes – LP Pdf Notes

1.Linux System Programming, Robert Love. 0’Reilly. SPD.
2 Advanced Programming in the Unix environment. 2nd Edition. W.R.Stevens. Pearson Education
3. Unix Network Programming .W.R.Stevem,PHI.
4. Unix for programmers and users. 3rd Edition. Graham Glass. King Ables. Pearson Education.
5. Unix and Shell programming. B.A.Fornuzan and R.F.Gilberg. Cengage Learning.
6 Unix TheText book.2nd edition. S.M.Sarwar. R.Koretslty. S.A.Sarwar. Pearson Education.
7. Unix lnternals.U.Valmlia.Pearsnn Education.
8. Unix shell Progmmrning.S.G Koohan and P.Woorl.3rd edition.Pearson Education.

Note :- These notes are according to the r09 Syllabus book of JNTUH.In R13 ,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in r13 syllabus.Click here to check all the JNTU Syllabus books

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