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Instrumentation and Control Systems Notes (ICS)


Instrumentation and Control Systems Notes – ICS Notes – ICS Pdf Notes


Definition – Basic principles of measurement – Measurement systems, generalized configuration and functional descriptions of measuring instruments – examples. Dynamic performance characteristics – sources of error, Classification and elimination of error.

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Measurement of Displacement: Theory and construction of various transducers to measure displacement – Piezo electric, Inductive, capacitance, resistance, ionization and Photo electric transducers, Calibration procedures.

MEASUREMENT OF TEMPERATURE : Classification – Ranges – Various Principles of measurement – Expansion, Electrical Resistance – Thermistor – Thermocouple – Pyrometers – Temperature Indicators..

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MEASUREMENT OF PRESSURE : Units – classification – different principles used. Manometers, Piston, Bourdon pressure gauges, Bellows – Diaphragm gauges. Low pressure measurement – Thermal conductivity gauges – ionization pressure gauges, Mcleod pressure gauge.

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MEASUREMENT OF LEVEL : Direct method – Indirect methods – capacitative, ultrasonic, magnetic, cryogenic fuel level indicators – Bubler level indicators.

FLOW MEASUREMENT : Rotameter, magnetic, Ultrasonic, Turbine flow meter, Hot – wire anemometer, Laser Doppler Anemometer (LDA).

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MEASUREMENT OF SPEED : Mechanical Tachometers – Electrical tachometers – Stroboscope, Noncontact type of tachometer

Measurement of Acceleration and Vibration : Different simple instruments – Principles of Seismic instruments – Vibrometer and accelerometer using this principle.

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STRESS STRAIN MEASUREMENTS : Various types of stress and strain measurements – electrical strain gauge – gauge factor – method of usage of resistance strain gauge for bending compressive and tensile strains – usage for measuring torque, Strain gauge Rosettes.

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MEASUREMENT OF HUMIDITY – Moisture content of gases, sling psychrometer, Absorption psychrometer, Dew point meter.

MEASUREMENT OF FORCE,TORQUE AND POWER- Elastic force meters, load cells, Torsion meters, Dynamometers.

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ELEMENTS OF CONTROL SYSTEMS : Introduction, Importance – Classification – Open and closed systems Servomechanisms–Examples with block diagrams–Temperature, speed & position control systems.

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TEXT BOOKS : Instrumentation and Control Systems Notes – ICS Notes – ICS Pdf Notes

  1. Measurement Systems: Applications & design by D.S Kumar.

2.Mechanical Measurements / BeckWith, Marangoni,Linehard, PHI / PE

REFERENCES : Instrumentation and Control Systems Notes – ICS Notes – ICS Pdf Notes

  1. Measurement systems: Application and design, Doeblin Earnest. O. Adaptation by Manik and Dhanesh/ TMH
  2. Instrumentation and Control systems/ S.Bhaskar/ Anuradha Agencies.

3.Experimental Methods for Engineers / Holman.

  1. Mechanical and Industrial Measurements / R.K. Jain/ Khanna Publishers.
  2. Instrumentation & mech. Measurements by A.K. Tayal ,Galgotia Publications

6.Instrumentation, measurement & analysis by B.C.Nakra & K.K.Choudhary, TMH

7.Mechanical Measurements /sahani

Note :- These notes are according to the r09 Syllabus book of JNTUH.In R13 ,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in r13 syllabus.Click here to check all the JNTU Syllabus books 

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