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Introduction of Aerospace Engg pdf Notes – IAE pdf Notes

Introduction of Aerospace Engg pdf Notes – IAE pdf Notes file

Introduction of Aerospace Engg pdf Notes – IAE pdf Notes – IAE pdf Notes file to download are listed below please check it –

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Note :- These notes are according to the R09 Syllabus book of JNTU.In R13 and R15,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in R13 and R15 syllabus. If you have any doubts please refer to the JNTU Syllabus Book.


  • Balloons,Heavier than Air Flight,Otto Lilientahal,Women in Aviation,Introduction of Jet Airplanes,Conquest of Space,Commercial use of space,Exploring the Solar system and Beyond,
  • Earth’s Atmosphere,Troposphere,Stratosphere,Mesosphere,Thermosphere,Exosphere,The Standard Atmosphere,Temperature Extremes of Space,Microgravity,Microgravity calculation,
  • Law of Gravitation,The Magnetosphere,Low Earth Orbit,The Near Earth Radiative Environment,Galactic Cosmic Rays,Environmental Impact on Spacecraft Design,
  • The environments of the planets within our solar system vary greatly. In addition, the gravitational forces on the planets depend on their mass; therefore, the 1 G environment in which we humans have evolved is unique within our solar system.


  • Introduction to Aircrafts,Fuselage,Empennage,Horizontal stabilizer,Vertical stabilizer,Wings,Control surfaces  ,Elevator, Rudder,Aileron,Flaps,Aircraft Axis system,
  • Aircraft structural members,Monocoque,Semi-Monocoque,Longerons,High lift devices,Heavier-than-air aircraft,Power plant Locations,Engine above wing,Engine at aft fuselage or tail,Wing Location,
  • Monoplane,O Low wing,High wing,O Parasol wing,Tail Unit arrangement,T-tail,Cruciform tail,Fuselage Mounted,Landing Gear arrangement,Quadricycle,tailwheel or tail-dragger,Multi-Bogey,
  • Unconventional Design configuration,Biplane,Triplane,Quadruplane,Multiplane,Wing sweep,Straight,Swept back,Forward swept,Tail planes or fore planes,Canard,Tandem.


  • PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS of flight,Force Balance and the Steady Flight Equations,Steady Flight Maneuvers,Climb operation,Climb phase,Cruise/climb,Endurance,Basic fighter maneuvers,
  • Takeoff and landing,Catapult launch and arrested recovery,Short Take Off But Arrested Recovery,Spacecraft,Vertical takeoff and landing,Vertical takeoff and horizontal landing,Vertical/Short takeoff landing,
  • LONGITUDINAL STABILITY,The Horizontal Stabilizer,Center of Gravity,LATERAL STABILITY,DIRECTIONAL STABILITY,Relation to stability,Historical development,Evaluation of handling qualities.


  • Satellite Mission,Scientific,Military and National Security,Commercial,An operational Satellite system,Ground Station,Command and Control Center,Data Storage System,
  • Data analysis and distribution center,Elements of a Satellite,Payload,Bus,Launch vehicle Adapter assembly,Satellite Bus System,Structures, Mechanisms and Materials,
  • Power Systems,Communication and Telemetry,How Antennas work,Thermal Control,Attitude determination and Control,Propulsion and Station Keeping,
  • Initial spin-up,Station keeping,Attitude control,Satellite orbit change,Angular-momentum management,Satellite end-of-life (EOL) disposal,Rocket Equation,SPACE MISSION CASE STUDIES.


  • Air Transport Systems,Objectives of Air Transport Systems,Principal Constituents,Direct and indirect operating cost,Indirect costs,Compatibility with operating Infrastructure,
  • Airports,Runway characteristics,International Air Transport Association,International Air Service Agreements,Safety Regulations,Security Regulations,Environmental Regulations,
  • History of Indian Aviation,Military Aircraft,Civil Aircraft,Space Vehicle Development,Safety Oversight of all entities approved/ certified/ licensed under the Aircraft Rules.

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