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Intellectual Property Rights Notes pdf (IPR)

Intellectual Property Rights Notes pdf ( IPR pdf notes )

Intellectual Property Rights Notes pdf  file to download IPR pdf notes – IPR Notes

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introduction to Intellectual Property. Law of Trademarks, Trademark Selection & Searching.

IP Law — Types of IP – Agencies for IP Registration – International Treaties. Purpose and Function of Trademarks — Types of marks – Acquisition of Trademark Rights – Categories of marks ~ Trade names and Business names – protectablc matter. Selection and Evaluation of a mark – Trademark search.


Trademark Registration Process. Post-reg istration Procedures. Trademark Maintenance. Transfer of Rights to Marks

Preparing and Filing the Application – Docketing Critical Dates – Examination Process – Post-examination Procedure -Registration. Affidavit of Continued Use -Affidavit of incontestability – Renewal of Registrations — Docketing Requirements – Loss of Trademark Rights – Trademark Use and Compliance Policies ~ Trademark Policing and Maintenance – Use of Marks Owned by Third Parties — Transfer of Ownership or Rights in Trademarks.

Inter Partes Proceedings. infringement, Dilution, New Developments in Trademark Law

Inter Partes Proceedings — Infringement of Trademarks – Dilution of Trademarks – Related Trademark Claims. Protecting a Domain Name ~ Other Cyberspace Trademark issues.

Law of Copyright. Subject Matter Of Copyright. Rights Afforded by Copyright Law

Foundations of Copyright Law ~ Originality of Material ~ Fixation of Material – Exclusions from Copyright Protection – Compilations. Collections. and Derivative Works. Rights of Reproduction ~~ Rights to Prepare Derivative works – Rights of Distribution – Rights to Perform the Work Publicly — Rights to Display the Work Publicly – Limitations on Exclusive Rights.

Copyright Ownership, Transfers, Duration, Registration, and Searching Copyright Ownership Issues — Joint works – Ownership in Derivative works – Works Made for hire — Transfers of Copyright – Termination of Transfers of Copyright – Duration of Copyright. Copyright Registartion Application – Deposit Materials -Application Process and Registration of Copyright ~ Searching Copyright Office Records — Obtaining Copyright Office Records and Deposit Materials — Copyright Notice.

Copyright Infringement, New Developments in Copyright Law, Semiconductor Chip Protection Act

Elements of Infringement – Contributory Infringement and Vicarious Infringement – Defenses to Infringement – lnfringernentfitctions — Remedies for lnfringermmt. Copyright Protection for Oolnputer Programs -Copyright Protection for Automated Databases – Copyright in the Electronic Age – The Digital Millenium Copyright Act – Recent Developments in Copyright Law – Terms of the Trade – Vessel Hull Protection – Semioonduaor Chip Protection.

Law of Patents. Patent Searches. Ownership. Transfer Patentability – Design Patents – Double Parenting — Patent Searching – Patent Application Process – Prosecuting the Application, Post-isstmnce Actions. Term and Maintenance of Patents. Ownership Rights – Sole and Joint Inventors – Disputes over lnventorship — Inventions Made by Employees and Independent Contractors — Assignment of Patent Rights – Licensing of Patent Rights — Invention Developers and Promoters.

Patent Infringement. New Developments and International Patent Law Direct Infringement – inducement to In fringe – Contributory Infringement – first Sale Doctrine – Claims Interpretation – Defenses to Infringement — Remedies for Infringement — Resolving an Infringement Dispute – Patent Infringement Litigation. New Developments in Patent Law – International Patent Protection – Paris Convention – Patent Cooperation Treaty – Ayeement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights – Patent Law Ireaty.

TEXT BOOK: [ IPR pdf notes | Intellectual Property Rights Notes Pdf | Intellectual Property Rights Notes | IPR notes | IPR pdf ] 1. Intellectual Property Rights by Deborah E. Bouchoun. Cengage Learning.

REFERENCES: [ IPR pdf notes | Intellectual Property Rights Notes Pdf | Intellectual Property Rights Notes | IPR notes | IPR pdf ] I. Managing Intelleuual Property – The Strategic Imperative. Second Edition by Vinod V. Sople. PI-II Learning Private Limited.

2. Intellectual Property – Copyrights, Trademarks. and Patents by Richard Stim, Cengage Learning

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