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Computer Forensics Notes pdf – CF Notes Pdf

Computer Forensics Notes pdf – CF notes pdf file

Computer Forensics Notes pdf – CF pdf notes – CF notes pdf file to download are listed below please check it –

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Note :- These notes are according to the R09 Syllabus book of JNTU.In R13 and R15,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in R13 and R15 syllabus. If you have any doubts please refer to the JNTU Syllabus Book.


Computer Forensics Fundamentals: What is Computer Forensics?. Use of Computer Forensics in Law Enforcement, Computer Forensics Assistance to Human Resources/Employment Proceedings. Computer Forensics Services, Benefits of Professional Forensics Methodology, Steps taken by Computer Forensics Specialists ‘Types of Computer Forensics Technology: Types of Military Computer Forensic ‘Technology, Types of Law Enforcement — Computer Forensic Technology – Types of Business Computer Forensic Technology


Computer Forensics Evidence and Capture: Data Recovery Defined – Data Back-up and Recovery – The Role of Back-up in Data Recovery – The Data- Reoovery Solution Evidence Collection and Data Seizure: Why Collect Evidence? Collection Options – Obstacles – Types of Evidence – The Rules of Evidence — Volatile Evidence – General Procedure — Collection and Archiving – Methods of Collection – Artifacts – Collection Steps – Controlling Contamination: The Chain of Custody


Duplication and Preservation of Digital Evidence: Preserving the Digital Crime Scene – Computer Evidence Processing Steps — Legal Aspects of Collecting and Preserving Computer Forensic Evidence Computer Image Verification and Authentication: Special Needs of Evidential Authentication – Practical Consideration – Practical Implementation


Computer Forensics analysis and validation: Determining what data to collect and analyze, validating forensic data. addressing data-hiding techniques, performing remote acquisitions Network Forensics: Network forensics overview. performing live acquisitions, developing standard procedures for network forensics, unsing network tools. examining the honeynet project.


Processing Crime and Incident Scenes: Identifying digital evidence. collecting evidence in private-sector incident scens. processing law enforcement crime scenes. preparing for a search. securing a computer incident or crime scene. seizing digital evidence at the scene. storing digital evidence. obtaing a digital hash. reviewing a case


Current Computer Forensic tools: evaluating computer forensic tool needs. computer forensics software tools. computer forensics hardware tools. validating and testing forensics software


E-Mail Investigations: Exploring the role of e-mail in investigation, exploring the roles of the client and server in e-mail. investigating e~mail crimes and violations. understanding e-mail servers. using specialized e-mail forensic tools Cell phone and mobile device forensics: Understanding mobile device forensics. understanding acquisition procedures for cell phones and mobile devices. ‘


Working with Windows and DOS Systems: understanding file systems. exploring Microsoft File Structures, Examinig NTFS disks. Understanding whole disk encryption, windows registry. Microsoft stanup tasks. MS—DOS startup tasks. virtual machines.

Reference – Computer Forensics – CF notes pdf – CF pdf notes – CF Pdf – CF Notes

1. Real Digital Forensics by Keith I. Jones. Richard Bej tlich. Curtis W. Rose. Addison Wesley Pearson Education
2. Forensic Compiling. A Tractitioneris Guide by Tony Sammes and Brian Jenkinson. Springer international edition.
3. Computer Evidence Collection & Presentation by Christopher LT. Brown, Firewall Media.
4. Homeland Security. Techniques 82 Technologies by Jesus Menu. Fuewall Media.
5. Software Forensics Collecting Evidence from the Scene of a Digital Crime by Robert M.Slade. TM]-l 2005
6 Windows Forensics by Chad Steel. Wiley India Edition.

Text books – Computer Forensics – CF notes pdf – CF pdf notes – CF Pdf – CF Notes

1. Computer Forensics. Computer Crime Investigation by John R. Vaoca. Firewall Media, New Delhi.
2 Computer Forensics and Investigations by Nelson. Phillipe Enfinger. Steuan. CENGAGE Learning


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