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DDTV Imp qusts

DDTV Imp qusts Download here UNIT-V (a) Explain about SM Chart? (b) Implement the DICE GAME using Verilog ? Explain about following statement with example The case statement Wait construct For Loop Event UNIT-VI Write a brief note on Tri-State gate? (a) Describe procedural continuous assignment statements Assign, De-assign, force, …

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Radar system important questions (RS)

Radar system important questions (RS) Download the File Here   Unit-5 What is blind speed? What are the methods used to eliminate blind speed in MTI Radars? Explain about range gated Doppler Filters? The MTI radar used by a traffic control police to measure the speed of vehicles. If the …

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Envinromental Studies Imp Qusts (ES)

Envinromental Studies Imp Qusts (ES) Envinromental Studies Imp Qusts (ES) pdf file Download ES Imp Questions here Content – UNIT-1 1.Define Ecosystem? Write a note on Biotic and abiotic components of anecosystem? 2.Write a note on ecological pyramids and their significance? 3.Explain food chains with examples. 4.Explain food web with …

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